Track Premiere: Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Don’t Succeed (w Mika Oki)

Belgian DJ and producer Maoupa Mazzocchetti teams up with French-Japanese artist Mika Oki for ‘Don’t Succeed’ taken from the upcoming UXY Dosing© Vol.2, to be released on BFDM Records this March. UXY Dosing© (UD) is a maximalist genre of electronic music that refers to sound productions that make for a radical succession to the minimalist genre, regardless of style and aesthetic practice though mainly associated with the field of sound arts.

More precisely, it designates that which embraces heterogeneity and allows for complex systems of juxtapositions and collisions, in which all outside influences are viewed as potential raw material. However, UD relies more on singular experimentation rather than the addition of musical characteristics attached to specific genres. Subsequently, UXY Dosing© gives birth to MDM (Maximal Dance Music) which, beyond a sole matter of genre, remains linked to the high consumption of dextrose associated with milk, which de facto shares the same acronym as MDM (Maximal Dextrose & Milk). Read: Dextrose, energiser or poison?

In control of each and every facet of his plural universe, from sound itself to visuals, through live installations, Maoupa weaves an environment in constant reformation, putting playfulness and exploration at the heart of its priorities. Unpredictable to the bone, the music of Maoupa Mazzocchetti raises more questions than answers, bringing with each record its lot of new wrinkles and unsuspected turns, whether solo or via his various collaborations alongside Beau Wanzer (De-Bons-En-Pierre), Clara! (Clara! Y Maoupa), DJ Gobelin & DJ Cloarec (An Ultimate DJ), Mika Oki, Shawn O’Sulivan, Nick Klein, Leila Boredreuil, Charmaine Lee, ZULI, Emma DJ, Vica Pacheco, Phillip Jondo, amongst others. Transmuting the codes of dance music beyond recognition, Maoupa’s sound universe has conquered the likes of Mannequin, Knekelhuis, Dark Entries, Editions Gravats, Arma, Bank, PRR! PRR!, Unknown Precept, BFDM and more, all seduced by his aptitude at transcending styles and standards. A boldness and strong identity quickly noticed and supported by some of the flagship platforms for contemporary electronics including Unsound, Intonal, Nuits Sonores, Boiler Room, Berghain, NTS, BBC, The Wire Magazine, Rinse, Rewire, Les Instants Chavirés, La Gaîté Lyrique, Libération newspaper, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Ancienne Belgique, Café OTO, Macao, Issue Project Room…


Mika Oki is an expert in spatial design, whether through the music she makes or the sculpture she creates. The French-Japanese visual artist works with video, sound, and electro-acoustics to create abstract textures and mental imagery that perfectly intersect the worlds of club rhythm and ambient experimentation. In the past she has been behind 24-hour performance pieces involving dancers, performers and poets has played high concept festivals such as Atonal and Nyege Nyege and recently served up ‘As Clean As I Was,’ a debut production for a forward-looking compilation on Metaphore Industrie. On top of this, she also opened up the Brussels branch of LYL radio and hosted a fundraiser for the vital community station.

UXY Dosing© Vol.2 will be released March 28th. Pre-order here: