Track Premiere: Zavala – ‘Mirrors’

We have some fresh music for you today by Chicago-based electronic producer Zavala (Alex Zavala of hip-hop duo Dark Time Sunshine) who is releasing his debut album ‘Fantasmas’ on 25th via Fake Four Inc. ‘Mirrors’ is Zavala’s first single where he delves into the realm of house music, a genre near and dear, representing a time of musical discovery, youth, the roller rink and being the essential influence for his melodic explorations and niche.

Zavala explains his track – “Mirrors – was created on a bus surrounded by the beauty that is the Pacific Northwest – USA. It was during the inception of a really chaotic time in my life and was born out of the necessity to combat that chaos. It’s a direct reflection of a very specific instance. I guess the track sort of lends it self to that very moment also, with a chaotic and yet pretty backdrop of the synthesizers and vocals samples. A sort of landscape painted in the timeline of my memories. Started almost exclusively with software synthesizers and 10 year old drum samples I had lying around on a hard drive and finished off in Chicago with the MPC, Juno 106 & more decade old samples. Ultimately, It’s an exercise in self reflection and person-hood.”