TTSWTRS launches S/S23 Superheroes Collection

#InLove – TTSWTRS dares to explore the necessity of superheroes in the real world, not just in the worlds we’ve imagined. Anna Osmekhina, the founder of the collaborative project & fashion brand, and her team spent quality time together to think of the heroes we need in the real world right now. The creators of the collection wanted to broadcast that there is a superhero in each one of us. So welcome to the TTSWTRS Universe.

Ukrainian collaborative project & fashion brand TTSWTRS starts the SS23 season not just with the release of a new collection, but with the launch of the entire TTSWTRS Universe, whose inhabitants are eleven Superheroes. Each hero of the TTSWTRS Universe has its own name, set of qualities, superpower and, of course, style.

So, for example, the powerful and vigorous Siren — who is a birdwoman, knows how to fly and understands the language of birds. She is self-confident and wears a mini jumpsuit that does not restrict her movements or a flowing slip-dress that is asymmetrical and emphasizes the playfulness of her personality. Or Lapoo who spends his time helping penguins and trying to prevent global warming. In the collection, there’s also Tereza who represents infinite generosity towards others. Her community sees her as nurturing and warm, a bright light in a sea of darkness. Her warmth is disarming, if you look into her eyes, your anger will be replaced with appreciation, and your hate will be replaced with love. 

The entire TTSWTRS team, without any exception, worked on the Superheroes Series. The process became a kind of creative homework, in which even employees from non-creative departments took part.

“We gave our team the opportunity to fantasize about Superheroes and got an incredible result. The employees of the brand sent us detailed descriptions of fictional characters with deep meanings and philosophies embedded in them. All this became the basis for sketches and further inspiration for creating a collection. I was impressed by how creative people occupy even non-creative positions in our company. And, I won’t hide it, I had an incredible pleasure,” — Anna Osmekhina, TTSWTRS Founder

The silhouettes are exactly what you would expect from a TTSWTRS collection. A portion of the designs fit like a second skin; bodysuits, bike shorts, bra tops, and catsuits. The remaining portion is oversized; t-shirts, denim shorts and jacket sets, sweaters and hoodies. Unique styles to this collection are the Siren silk dress and Sleep Wɐlker robe.

The colour range of the collection is uplifting and light; there’s mint green, baby blue and pink with a pop of tangerine orange — plenty of bright white as well. There are shades of denim in white, light blue, and faded black. 

The TTSWTRS Superheroes story will continue with a special TTSWTRS Universe comic cover with all the heroes. 

TTSWTRS was founded in 2013 by Anna Osmekhina, a former costume designer and stylist. For these 10 years, it became one of the most recognizable and successful brands not only within the country but also across the world. TTSWTRS attracts customers from all over the world with its unique aesthetic which is simple and complicated in parallel. Brand’s pieces are easily integrated into a casual wardrobe but are particular items on the other hand. The brand works within the “Haute mess” niche, which means scruffy athleisure in an accurate and stylish way. It’s an everyday uniform for those who are tired of overdressing for fashion events and red carpets but want to look stylish with less effort every day. TTSWTRS is a fashion insider’s everyday choice. The additional direction of the brand is a couture line, which usually includes several extremely unique items per collection. The brand is already familiar to many and remarkable for its concept of the optical illusion of the naked body covered in tattoos. A combination of basic colours and simple-cut clothes with tattoo drawings or other signature prints underlies the TTSWTRS style. Worn by Nicki Minaj, Kourtney Kardashian, Tommy Cash, Sita Abellan, Lisa Owen, Winnie Harlow, Grimes, Mel C, Willow Smith and many others.