Twice by Elise Diot

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Photographer Elise Diot worked with makeup artist Hind Sousan and models Gatien Juret and Kamel Chaoui to create TWICE. By creating the project Twice, Elise Diot wanted to work on friendship. Two very different persons, that are paradoxically very similar deep inside. Like twins that were never born twins.

“The geometry of their positions put forward the harmony of two souls. The buildings and the makeup create an industrial illusion, of two persons that were built and couldn’t exist without each other. They work together the same way as if you removed a spike from a building, it would fall down.”

Photography by
Elise Diot / Instagram: @dt_elise

Models are
Gatien Juret signed at My Agency
Instagram: @gatienjrt
Kamel Chaoui
Instagram: @monkeey

Make up by Hind Sousan
Instagram: @hindfrenchmakeup