Ukrainian brand MY x MY releases its Drop ‘Invincible’

“Endurance, a steadfast spirit, and clarity of principles and views are the major cornerstones of personality manifestation. That is why, while creating the new collection – ‘Invincible’ – we were truly inspired by the complexity of personalities modern women have.” MY x MY is more than just clothing: it is rather a ready-to-wear styling solution inspiring you to express yourself freely – and make everyone around you hold their breath.

MY x MY is a women’s clothing brand created in 2014 by two sisters in the heart of Ukraine – Kyiv. With over 8 years of experience and masterful attention to detail, the MY x MY team evolved into a community of like-minded women. Despite varying backgrounds, interests and fields of expertise, all team members have one thing in common – their strong desire to create clothes for outstanding personalities.

The MY x MY heroine is not a hostage of circumstances, neither a branch of statistics, nor a background or decoration, but an active participant in these unprecedented events. She strives to contribute something to the common cause and clearly understands what she stands for. During any historical shift, the strength of one’s character becomes the foundation for consolidation and concentration. Women maintain a sense of normality by indulging in daily rituals that inspire them to fight for beauty, freedom and the future. Fashion often served as a symbol of aspiration for the new, peaceful world, and that is what MY x MY wants to depict in this collection.

Strict, bold silhouettes and sophisticated asymmetrical draperies allude to the uncompromising nature of contemporary women. The corset basis of numerous garments in the collection serves as a reminder of the inner support and the stamina we try to keep despite the worst oppressions. Fabrics for collections such as wool and faux leather were also deliberately chosen to emphasize the shape of a woman’s body, yet cover and «protect» it from the outside world, like a shell.