photo by Alina Gärtig

Video Premiere: Ameli Paul – ‘Voce’

Berlin duo Ameli Paul take us on a true Lynchian experience with their latest visuals for ‘Voce’. They explain on the single, “‘Voce’ has been provoking emotions, images and associations in our mind which urged us to visualize our vision of this blurry trip. We wanted to portray a dark world of seething lust, exuberance, kinkiness and psychedelic complexity. A short weird moment that may feel like eternity. We assembled a wonderful team of very talented and dear friends and shot the clip within three days in December ’20. We loved everything about that project! The atmosphere when working together, the incomparable props and creative ideas of Angelina Häuser, the vision of Harry Delgas, the intriguing visual imagery of Dan Trautwein and the mystic lights by Wolfgang Schadow.” ‘Voce’ is taken from Ameli Paul’s Mycelia EP (including remixes from Curses and Brigade) released on Friday, December 3 via Drosssel. 

Director Harry Delgas continues, “The video for ‘Voce’ follows the protagonists on a surreal mind trip down the rabbit hole, in this case a washing machine, in which they find themselves in a children’s version of a memory game. And like “everything is fantastical for children because it’s unknown” (Fellini), the magical world they find is one incessant flux driven by boundless associations peppered with quotes from Kafka to Lynch.”

When Ameli and Paul’s paths cross in 2016, they immediately feel the urge to fuse their approaches of making music – the succinct productions of Paul, Ameli’s inherent songlike musicality and sentimental voice. Constantly evolving their live performance over the last years, the duo stands for a stirring electronic sound that ranges from cineastic excursions to pop-like song structures. On their musical playground synthesizers, field recordings, vocals and guitars join forces to create thrilling dance tunes to dive into and get lost in. Playing live in renowned clubs and festivals, Ameli Paul are increasingly known for casting a spell on their audience. It’s this unique, multifaceted sound that is effortlessly melting genre boundaries and listeners’ hearts around the world.

Ameli Paul – Mycelia EP is out now:



photo by Alina Gärtig