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Video Premiere: NEW SEASON FITS ft. Peter Xan & Groovy Mel

#EditorsPick – Shot in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week “New Season Fits” is a track of Peter Xan & Groovy Mel ´s  EP “ Vanity Vibes”. “We aimed to capture imagery in the Berlin underground music & fashion scene. At the time we was shooting another video at Studio183 “Swagie “ another track of vanity vibes . We decided to shoot more clips with videographer to get the lifestyle. Look out for our next video “ Boogie “ release next week.”

“Our goal is to reach young listeners, that can relate with us, on the mater of having any style of your own nature. race, gender and age shouldn’t box you in. we should be all free spirit the way you express yourself through fashion and music taste. although this subject has been raised, I still feel the London underground hip-hop scene is backwards. 
Sydney’s ethos is to bring light onto the music scene in London, making enjoyment vibes. our last article with clash was for “Enjoyment”. since then we have made more content and reach in the European fashion scene. with shows in Paris and berlin with brands like melange, studio 183 berlin. 
We show that Sydney is on a whole new wave. on this tape there is a song for anyone and everyone. young listeners and older African uncle vibes. the contrast from songs like ” 10, 10″ and ” Boogie”.” 

Taken from the Vanity Vibes album:
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♦ Shot in Berlin ♦ Song produced by Peter Xan ♦ Video directed by Sonni Rossi

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