We are gods

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Solène Milcent. Models are Guillermo Miranda and Myriam. Make up by Anna González Schneider. Fashion by Bijoux Indiscrets. Special thx to Filippo Ioco Studio. 

“This edito is my own view of erotism, spirituality, beauty. Pushing away the boundaries of gender and time.” *Solène Milcent

Photography by Solène Milcent / www.solenemilcent.com / Instagram: @solene.milcent
Models are Guillermo Miranda / Instagram: @mirandaguillermo
and Myriam / Instagram: @myriammama
Make up by Anna González Schneider / Instagram: @makeuplikexnnx
In collaboration with :
The location : Filippo Ioco Studio / www.iocostudiogallery.com / Instagram:

The Brand : Bijoux Indiscrets / Instagram: @bijoux_indiscrets