5M by Matt Wojnar

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Matt Wojnar. Models are Sasha and Ulyana signed at Nagorny Model, Poly Z., Polina Tsvetova and Nastya signed at Tamara models. Makeup by Nataliya Máher and Misha Angelova. Hair by Anna Dranchuk and Nastya Pateschenko. Retouch by Matt Musielak. Style by Yana Bodyak using Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Maison Margiela, Y-3, Jil Sander, Adidas by Raf Simons, NAVRO, Vivetta, Fur Garden, Yanna Melko, Delpozo, MRZ, Valiumhats, Kardash, Sophia Webster, Marina Skrabovskaya, Vanillanaomi and Brognano.

Photography by Matt Wojnar / www.mattwojnar.com / Instagram: @mateuszwojnar
Style by Yana Bodyak / Instagram: @yanabodyak
Models are Sasha signed at Nagorny Model / Instagram: @baturaleksandra
Ulyana signed at Nagorny Model / Instagram: @el.iana1192
Poly Z. signed at Tamara models / Instagram: @zylpolina

Polina Tsvetova signed at Tamara models / Instagram: @poly.tsvetova

Nastya signed at Tamara models
Makeup by Nataliya Máher / Instagram: @magernat

Makeup by Misha Angelova / Instagram: @misha_angelova

Hair by Anna Dranchuk / www. anndranchuk.com / Instagram: @anndranchuk
Hair by Nastya Pateschenko / Instagram: @nastassia_lv
Retouch by Matt Musielak / www.mattmusielak.com / Instagram: @mattmusielak_retouch

Tamara Models / Instagram: @tamaramodels
 Nagorny models / Instagram: @nagornymodels

Photographer Matt Wojnar born 1987 is a Polish photographer ho have artistic soul but never tell about himself like an artist. Matt’s work is marked by the minimalism and purity of form, although he likes to go beyond the schemes. He loves working with people, but still nature is also the field of his work.

His photos appeared in L’Offciel, KALTBLUT Magazine and others.