ARTEMKLIMCHUK is a demi-couture house founded by Artem Klimchuk in 2011. For his debut collection Artem was named the best young designer of the year according the prestigious Best Fashion Awards, following with the best menswear designer in 2013, and the best womenswear designer in 2018. Throughout the years ARTEMKLIMCHUK has become known for its unmistakable style and quality.

The back bone of the brand and an endless source of inspirations always comes from Ukrainian vast cultural heritage and traditions. Architecture, paintings, literature, traditional Ukrainian crafts, are just a few things that stand at the foundation of the designs. Though extremely reverent with the past and always driven and inspired by its traditions, ARTEMKLIMCHUK is the brand that is fiercely looking forward designing his clothes for confident people with an acute sense of style that cherish every moment of their lives. In the core of brand’s philosophy is making quality closes for everyday use, flawlessly cut from luxury materials, using maximum hand work in every step of the way. Silk, cashmere, applique, hand knit, embroidery all compose the language of ARTEMKLIMCHUK.

Photography by Yura Mazagaev / Instagram: @yuramazagaev

Models are: Solomia Sayenko at Vmmanagementua / Instargram @saenkosolomia

Andrey Xilevich at Addicted To Models / Instagram @axilevich

Makeup by Nata Strichuk / Instagram @natastrilchuk

Hair by Lera Gornostay / Instagram @leragornostay

All Fashion by @artemklimchuk_official