At dust by Arianna Genghini

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Arianna Genghini. Models are Chiara signed at Monster and Yejoo signed at The Wall. Styling by Eugenia Bozzo. Make up and Hair by Gaia dell’Aquila. Brands are Zara, Pull&Bear, Mango, Abercrombie, Celyn B, Rose D., Norrghi, Paco Rabanne.

Arianna Genghini is a 24yo italian photographer based in Milan. She works in the fashion field but she doesn’t want to be boxed in it. She also loves doing portraiture and capturing animals and nature as she feels authentically linked to it. She has a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Master in Fashion Photography, which was achieved in London.

Exploring the female world through fashion and portrait, she gets in touch with the soul of models and focuses on diversity and beauty peculiarities to capture stories within. As a woman and feminist, she embraces the female empowerment and deep connection with other girls through photography and her personal project which investigates the feminine identity and intimacy.
As a dancer, she looks for freedom in movement: she likes her models floating in space and expressing their inner nature as humans doing casual movements or sports inspired poses.
She is a photographer mostly because she likes to contribute to the creation of beauty and imagery that touches the observerʼs feelings and leaves a mark.

Photography by Arianna Genghini / /
Styling by Eugenia Bozzo /
Make up and Hair by Gaia dell’Aquila / 
Models are Chiara signed at Monster /
And Yejoo signed at The Wall /