Coat by Keilbein

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial featuring fashion by KEILBEIN. Photography by Alexander Hübner. Model is Lucas Avid Hübner. Make up by Stefanie Hübner. Keilbein Menswear: Two worlds with different views collide and merge into one. The game of modern suit fashion and the anti- fashion stance of subcultures form a new conflict. Comfortable shapes and strong character permeability transform a confident gentleman look.

Trenchcoat and Trousers by Keilbein

Jacket and Trousers by Keilbein

Coat by Keilbein

Jacket by Keilbein, Trousers by Keilbein

Coat by Keilbein

Coat & Shirt by Keilbein

Photography by Alexander Hübner / / Instagram: @keilbein

Model is Lucas Avid Hübner Instagram: @lucasavid

Make up by Stefanie Hübner / / Instagram: @stefaniemildner

Fashion by Keilbein / / Instagram: @keilbein

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