All eyes on Brendan Jordan

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Ziv Sade. The model is Brendan Jordan. Styling by Carlos. “Being born in a male vessel with a feminine soul is painful yet powerful. Moving towards her inevitable pull, the journey is a testament to one’s inner strength and authenticity. In a world that sets the terms and conditions of gender, shifting in itself acts as a form of rebellion. As time goes on, my efforts of releasing and allowing my feminine heart to beat have granted me access to a world I’ve always felt a part of. But what is the purpose of moving from one cage to another? What does it mean to be a man or a woman, and is it a matter of physical or non-physical attributes? Meanwhile, these answers are unclear to me, I allow my heart to be the guide: strapping femininity and delicately masculine.”

Photography by Ziv Sade @iamzivsade
The model is Brendan Jordan @brendanwjordan
Styling by Carlos  @carlos_e3