BRIONVEGA – Celebrating the radiofonografo by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

#AllIWant4Xmas – An iconic item by the creative genius of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and the outstanding production skills of the best Italian manufacturers of the legendary ‘60s, the radiofonografo turns 55 preserving its unique appeal.

BRIONVEGA  pays honour to it with PRIMO, a faithful reproduction of the first original design – hence the name – customized with the refined Canaletto Walnut finish. 100 exclusive pieces, rigorously numbered and featuring top-notch contemporary technology, will be available for as many estimators or enthusiasts. BRIONVEGA reinterprets the first original radiofonografo designed in 1965 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni naming it PRIMO to pay homage to the first ever version – a must-have item for design lovers, an antique yet contemporary work of art – and celebrate the “epic” Sixties.

At the time, the long wave of the post-war booming economy supported technological progress and economic growth that along with socio-political and cultural events revolutionized permanently the new generations’ values, aspirations and lifestyles. The Italian industrial design drove the “New  Renaissance”,  dominating the world with its innovative and appealing productions and objects through outstanding project skills, brand-new functions and research of cutting-edge materials.

With the first model born, BRIONVEGA launches a limited edition to celebrate this golden age with perhaps the most famous item, a complex yet iconic product not only for its collection but for the entire historical period. The radiofonografo has actually been produced for over 55 years in a few masterly-crafted pieces. Exposed in museums and modern design books, it perfectly frames Italy during those enlightened years.

The PRIMO radiofonografo – product code rr-226 NOCE CANALETTO – is a complex item complicated to produce, not much compatible with the high level of industrial craftsmanship, which, as originally conceived by its creators in the ‘60s, should have turned into mass production for the widest diffusion possible.

The PRIMO radiofonografo takes the scene for its multi-sensorial value. As a matter of fact, it was originally conceived by its creators not only to play music in an impeccable way but also to “keep company”, as conrmed by the playful design of a musical, anthropomorphic and smiling robot turning it into a friend able to bring technology closer to man.

The radiofonografo is a key character of stories, curiosities and enchanting testimonies which have contributed in time to build its international fame,  a  rock solid and transversal reputation able to turn from a modern item of design into a true work of contemporary art. And, as such, it gains value in time, so much that it becomes an object to enjoy today but also to be handed down to future generations.

Available are 100 pieces of the PRIMO radiofonografo in limited edition, recognizable for the signature and exclusive silk-screen printing in progressive numbers. They can be ordered right away at and at selected showrooms –  in  Italy and abroad: from Europe to China, Australia and Vietnam, the US and Korea. Expected delivery about 60 days from order.

Achille (1918-2002) and Pier Giacomo (1913-1968) are the sons of the once popular Giannino Castiglioni – known as “an artist for sure, but with great common sense” (by Gianni Biondillo in – active in Milan since early 1900 with his own sculpture workshop in Porta Nuova. Here the two brothers grow living art as something familiar and domestic, learning directly from their father the “plastic” approach to the world of design.