“At #DAMUR we reconstruct the form of garments and recreate a new definition of style. Our essence “Naughty Elegance” expressed in the unapologetic Berliner attitude mixed with the nuances of the designer’s far eastern heritage, is visualised in each design. We challenge the labels society wants to put upon us and therefore created our own voice through our (hashtag) logo. The # is today’s mean of expression. With the # we express our opinion, we identify and assemble, we distinguish, and we belong.” says the brand about its new S/S20 collection. 

#DAMUR Collection 006 “You are not black enough”

#DAMUR was honoured to showcase its 006 collection for the first time at the MBFW SS20 runway show in July 2019. With the success of #DAMUR’s premier at MBFW, the 006 collection generated broad international interest and media attention.

The 006 collection builds on #DAMUR’s aim to open dialogue on another sensitive and miscommunicated topic: race/nationality. The collection also builds on #DAMUR’s distinct aesthetic.
While 006 continues its theme of ‘Naughty Elegance’ through strong looks and bold messages, it introduces more diversity. It is shapeshifting in form, emotions and thoughts.

Sophisticated fabrics such as lace are mixed with unconventional PVC details. The cuts are unique playing with asymmetry and colours are contrasted. The black and white pieces are minimalist yet the neon and metallic pieces show how #DAMUR’s version of streetwear is high end.

#DAMUR offers thought provoking womenswear, menswear and unisex collections. With each episode, a new story is delivered. Fashion, just as any other language, has its own way of communication. We deliver uplifting and empowering messages through each collection’s specific design style and encourage people to voice their opinion and just love the way they are through our clothing.

In our new collection, we are presenting another perspective about color BLACK & WHITE. We speak our point of view, a view from Berlin. We were selected for participating in MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) and presented during SS20 Berlin Fashion Week in July 2019. #DAMUR also received the PREMIUM Young Talent Award 19/20 AW.
Since 2018, we have also featured in the Paris, Shanghai and Copenhagen Fashion Week.