DoDo – Italian Pride

Art, love. Creativity, culture. Fashion, music. Tailoring, history. And then again courage, solidarity and a sense of community. Being Italian is all this and more. And now more than ever is the time to celebrate so much uniqueness.


The spread of the pandemic, in fact, has put Italy in front of an extraordinary situation, testing ground for our community and for ourselves as individuals. But Italians didn’t give up and showed their pride by relying on that genius and that creativity that distinguishes them so much: they joined, albeit distant, with appointments to sing together, organizing improvised concerts on the balconies, luminous flashmobs from the windows and approached in many forms of spontaneous solidarity, arousing in a short time the admiration and support of the rest of the world.

DoDo wants to pay tribute to Italy, to Italians and to all lovers of this country with a capsule collection dedicated to Italian pride. This is how Italian Pride was born: the four 9K rose gold charms – the Dodo, the Four-Leaf Clover, the Heart and the Bee – among the most loved symbols of Dodo, dressed in green, white and red enamel. The legendary colours

For this reason, Italian Pride also becomes an awareness project dedicated to everyone who wants to participate and bring about a new rebirth, in a moment this challenging. Hence the idea of ​​giving voice to a series of personalities such as Marco Bianchi, scientific popularizer in the field of nutrition, Priscilla Gaya Petro, who deals with teaching and projects in support of children, Maria Vittoria Baravelli, art journalist, Beatrice Venezi, conductor, Martina Benedetti, nurse and Marianne Mirage, singer-songwriter, who believe and invest in Italy and become interpreters of this new era of inclusiveness, of activism, sharing their passions and their knowledge, contributing to cultural progress and getting involved to discuss different topics. And so is Italian Pride also becomes a collective of “ordinary people, who become extraordinary”.

Sabina Belli, CEO of DoDo, adds: “I am very happy with this new project that fully represents the spirit of DoDo and tells the desire for rebirth, resilience, Italian pride through the voice and history of authentic people, united by a desire to communicate and share their passion and their experiences to allow many to progress.”