El monte de los olivos by Sergio Penas

Sergio Penas is a Spanish young artist. Now based in Madrid, Penas spend all his time thinking on new ideas, helping out my friends with their projects and shooting faces. 
Penas feels really connected with fashion and faces, not necessarily professional models just human beings with something special. His photography is influenced by music and also people like Mario Sorrenti, David Lachapelle, Javier Ruíz… and loads of local artist. 

“Lately, I’m really in to cultural and religious images, “El monte de los olivos” it’s one of the spots on the bible where Jesus was praying with the apostles. This works for me just like an aesthetic moment to come up with new ideas mixing up with sexuality and freedom. I always try to go further and tell stories on my shootings, even when there’s nothing explicit, just feelings, emotions or scenes of my life. Work out what makes you feel insecure is one of my favourite things to do. “

Photography and Creative Director
Sergio Penas
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Creative Direction Assistant @li.tos
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