Enigma by Anett Posalaki

Anett Posalaki hungarian is a visual artist based in Budapest. She graduated in Moholy-Nagy University in 2016 and have been working as a freelance artist since college. “Thoughts Step out from your comfort zone! Probably this was the first thing what came to my mind when I said yes to Anett who had this idea in her head for so long. We made these pictures in the middle of the pandemic in a room and different parts of the staircase. Bernadett who actually was my master when I started to do make up, came up with really outstanding make ups and technics She even cut her own hair to make me an eyebrow. Dora who was our amazing stylist brought so many beautiful garments ,so we could pick the perfect outfits for every picture! Thank you guys that you showed me a different side of me!” Mate Szabo

Photography by
Anett Posalaki www.anettposalaki.com 
Instagram: @anettposalaki
Model Mate Szabo“Enigma” 
Instagram: @mattioner
Makeup by  Bernadett Titkos 
Instagram: @titkosberni
Stylist Dóra Mojzes 
Instagram: @yld_clothing
Special thanks for  Sasplant Flower Boutique / Instagram: @sasplant_viragszalon
Retrock Budapest / Instagram: @retrockbudapest