Ephemeral by Alice Consonni

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Guglielmo Tortarolo. Photography by Alice Consonni. Styling by by Simona La Via. All fashion by Carlo Siviero Design

“I’m a 22 years old Italian girl and I’m currently studying photography in Milan. I’m interested in portrait and fashion photography. In these two genres I like to capture what my mind and my heart perceive as something beautiful. In my photos I usually like to mix my personal artistic taste to conceptual ideas. These ideas can derive from what I love beyond photography, like films, cartoons, internet and pop culture, music, fashion shows or every little thing I see on the web.
Further inspiration also comes from what I perceive as distant from my visual and photographic abilities.”

Photography by Alice Consonni / Instagram: @aliceconsonny
Model is Guglielmo Tortarolo / Instagram: @guglielmo.tortarolo
Styled and Directed by Simona La Via / Instagram: @monalavia

Brand is Carlo Siviero Design