Exiled Iranian Faravaz Releases New Protest Song “Ey Iran”!

In a powerful and moving musical statement, Iranian activist Faravaz has released her latest single, “Ey Iran,” on September 15, 2023. The poignant pop song sheds light on the oppressive regime in Iran, where Faravaz’s own musical journey began and where solo singing for women is forbidden.

Through “Ey Iran,” Faravaz aims to create a powerful plea for change and freedom. She also seeks to give voice to the suppressed opinions of the Iranian people and inspire them to resist the injustices they face.


Currently residing in Germany due to the threat of arrest in Iran, Faravaz remains dedicated to supporting her fellow citizens and bringing their suffering to international attention. “Ey Iran” serves as a touching tribute to Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who bravely protested against the mandatory hijab law in Iran and tragically passed away in prison a year ago.

“Ey Iran” and “Mullah” together form the first two singles from Faravaz’s upcoming album, “WLF,” set to be released on February 16, 2024. Inspired by the “Woman Life Freedom” movement in Iran, this highly anticipated album is a powerful ode to the strength and resilience of women who have risen against the suffocating chains of oppression.

Faravaz Farvardin is an exceptional singer, songwriter, and musician known for her powerful vocals, versatile musical style, and unwavering passion for singing and music. Hailing from Iran and currently residing in Germany, Faravaz showcases her exceptional talent in three languages: English, German, and Farsi (Persian). Her repertoire encompasses indie-pop with Iranian influences, showcasing her extensive knowledge of folk and world music styles. However, it is her profound life experiences and relentless drive for change that have made her the extraordinary artist she is today.

On her latest EP, “WLF,” Faravaz delves into the captivating world of indie-pop. Inspired by the “Woman Life Freedom” movement in Iran, this EP is a powerful tribute to the strength and resilience of women who have revolted against the suffocating chains of oppression. Faravaz channels the collective frustration felt by Iranian women after years of daily humiliation. Through her music, Faravaz hopes to serve as a catalyst for change in her homeland.


Faravaz’s musical journey began in Iran, where solo singing for women was prohibited, and societal acceptance of women’s involvement in music, even within her own family, was limited. Undeterred by these challenges, Faravaz displayed her determination. Recognizing her daughter’s passion, her mother saved money to buy her a guitar and enrolled her in guitar lessons at the age of 12. Faravaz practised in her orange garden and seized every opportunity to sing. However, these opportunities were limited to background singing, while male performers took the spotlight, denying her the chance to sing alone. “Every time I went to a concert, I cried,” she recalls. “I imagined myself and the other female singers on stage, and the sadness of not having that opportunity overwhelmed me.”

In 2016, Faravaz fearlessly took the spotlight as a soloist in the music video for “Dance With Me.” Through this powerful production, she sought to showcase the resilience and hope of people striving for happiness amidst their difficult lives in Iran. “Dance With Me” gained traction on social media platforms when conventional avenues were closed to Faravaz. Unfortunately, her brave defiance of the Islamic Republic came with a high price. When Faravaz came to Berlin for a concert in 2017, she was charged for her participation in that production and sentenced to a year in prison. Faced with the impossible choice of either returning to Iran, giving up her freedom to sing, and disappearing from the stage, or staying in Germany far away from family and homeland but with a chance to pursue her dream of singing, she chose to remain in Germany. In a just world, no one should have to face such an impossible dilemma. She decided to stay not only to pursue her own musical ambitions but also to be a beacon of hope for other women in Iran who share her passion for singing.

“Singing is my weapon in the fight,” says Faravaz. “Even though I haven’t achieved all my dreams, this fighting spirit keeps me resilient. The stage is my sanctuary, where I find solace and comfort. I truly love people, and music allows me to effortlessly connect with them and their emotions. Music is my outlet to express my anger, the driving force for change. I sing to change the world and make it a better place to live.”


In 2018, Faravaz fearlessly launched the women’s campaign #RightToSing, an online movement passionately advocating against the ban on women’s singing in Iran. Through this campaign, she amplifies the voices of countless Iranian women who share their love for singing but face strict restrictions or even imprisonment when they raise their voices. She has also established a nonprofit organization with the same name to raise awareness about the ban and provide Iranian female singers with opportunities to produce their own music.

Find out more about Faravaz at faravaz-farvardin.com