Fly Art – Artists from different realms join to create in the unusual settings of Human Flight

“FLY ART” is chapter one of unique gatherings in the wind tunnel, bringing together artists from the different realms to explore new ways of expression. A flyer, Anna Galperin, a painter, Lena Meyer, a musician, Andi Andean and a photographer, Raphael Dieskau join together in Hurricane Factory Berlin to create and explore new ways of expression through the prism of Human Flight. A novelty for each of the members, never have experienced this unique combination of elements.

The motion of flight as brush strokes, the wind tunnel glass as a canvas, music connecting it all together and the lense as a portal for others to enter this moment throughtout space & time.

The Wind tunnel is an unexplored 3D blank page, just waiting to be filled with creativity. This project is chapter one of many to come exploring the art of human flight by inviting different artists to come and create in the wind tunnel.

A painter @lena.kunstmeyer
A Musician @andi.andean
A photographer @rfdieskau
and A flyer.

Wind tunnel @hurricanefactoryberlin
Flying suit as canvas by Intrudair @intrudair
Flying camera Lukáš Vrtich @loochik
Edit and creative director Anna Galperin @galperinanna