Fragile Desires – Man Beauty Editorial by Clotilde Petrosino

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography, art direction and styling by Clotilde Petrosino. Model is Sean signed at Mandarine Models. Make up by Camilla Cantini. Assistant Lady Raven. Fashion items by H&R London, Hellenmiagola and Clotilde Petrosino

gorget handmade by Hellenmiagola
crystal ball gag handmade by Clotilde Petrosino

chocker vintage

gorget handmade by Hellenmiagola

chocker vintage

Glove by H&R London

Leash by H&R London

Gilet by H&R London

Fragile Desires1.jpg 
Gilet by H&R London

Photography Art Direction and Styling by Clotilde Petrosino /  / Instagram: @clotildepetrosino
Assistant Lady Raven/ Instagram: @ladyraven.gothic.model
Model is Sean signed at Mandarine Models / Instagram: @seantenk
Make up by Camilla Cantini /  / Instagram: @camillacantinimua

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