A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative director and stylist K8 McKay teamed up with photographer Greg Gainor to shoot model Trey Anderson for GAMI. There is something a bit casual about the draped background and table. Slouching silhouettes worn half way down the body, like a traditional greek sculpture. But there’s something hard, lined and graphic about the face. It’s the white paper, reminiscent of origami. Two traditional shapes, hard and soft, meet within the confines of this frame, set in neutrals. Positions are curving, lost and far away. Make up by Kendra Powell. Hair done by Julia Savitskaya.

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Creative Director/Stylist: K8 McKay @kateroxmckay
K8 McKay has become known for her art experimentalism (K8 is a graduate of two prestigious institutes: London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins) and quirky, strange taste – all done with equal parts art, politics, pop culture and sophistication. Her work extends from television/movies stars, directors, musicians, bands singers, producers and record labels, to artists, designers, magazines and galleries. Spreading from Europe to North America. K8 is currently styling and Creatively Directing for the fashion and music industry in Los Angeles, California.  WWW.K8MCKAY.COM
Photographer: Greg Gainor @ggainorphoto
Hair: Julia Savitskaya @annysty
Makeup: Kendra Powell @makeupbykendra
Model: Trey Anderson @unodostrey123
Model: John Thomas @jothkell