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Girls are Hunters

Introducing Sanna Schubert is a young fashion designer from Germany who graduated from Reutlingen University,  the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and Polimoda in Florence. Photography by Lalo & Eva. Model is Ornella Pearl signed at Dominique Models. Hair and Make up by Sanne Schoofs

Sanna has already brought her talent to the likes of renowned fashion houses Cacharel in Paris,  A.F. Vandevorst in Antwerp and Hugo Boss in Metzingen. With her collection „Girls are Hunters“ she took part in several exhibitions, e.g. at Alta Roma and won different prizes, e.g. the Rebelpin Award by ACTE at Berlin Fashion Week.

Girls are Hunters

The collection deals with the perception of femininity. What is feminine in today’s world and what is masculine? If we look at the 18th century, would we still consider the men’s wardrobe masculine? And do women still show their femininity today?

If we go back in history, the role of women and men was divided very clearly into “hunters and gatherers”. Today these classical roles have changed. And that is visible also in the wardrobe of both, men and women. Women can be hunters as well. They are hunting for success, recognition, love,…

The collection deals with a strong, powerful woman – a victress, who knows exactly what she wants, who fights and hunts for it and always succeeds.

She’s a hunter.


Without loosing her femininity.

Photography by Lalo & Eva / / Instagram: @lalo.eva
Model is Ornella Pearl signed at Dominique Models / Instagram: @ornellagp
Hair and Make up by Sanne Schoofs / Instagram: @sanneschoofs
Fashion by Sanna Schubert @sannaschubert