House Of Teresa by Sole Hernandez

Sole Hernandez is a fashion photgrapher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Still learning and figuring out things and styles, Hernandez like to transition between different points of view. As she does in life. As for this particularly editorial,  Hernandez wanted to show that relationships are built in terms of love and not in terms of blood. Make Up And Hair Stylists are Carla Luprestti, Rocio Marrodan and Juliana Giraldo. Styling by Maia Frid and Agustina Dominguez. Models are Teresa, Ysathis, Fran Villa, Kal and Clara Berra. Brands are Ocultto, Quappe Shoes, Vintage Shop, Sitrus Eyewear, Lape, Bela Bsas, Zara.

“We created this assamble family, and we call it house of Teresa since the elderly model ‘s name is Teresa , (also as word playing for drag houses) and we created this story were she took everyone in her home. The team that put this together are all dear friends and all-female team, which puts a little extra in the making.”

Photographer by
Sole Hernandez
Instagram: @sshph
Assistant Photographer Ash
Instagram: @ashlovekills

Teresa_Instagram: @mariateresacibils
Ysathis_Instagram @ysathisjulienne signed at @welovemodels.Ar
Fran Villa_nstagram @franvillaa signed at @adonmanagement
Kal_Instagram @Kal_Rinnegan signed at @adonmanagement
Clara Berraz_Instagram @claraberraz signed at @lomanagement

Make Up And Hair Stylists Collab
Carla Luprestti_Instagram @corlanation
Rocio Marrodan_Instagram @rocio_marrodan signed at @her_Lab
Juliana Giraldo_Instagram @jugirando signed at @her_Lab

Stylists Collab
Maia Frid_Instagram: @maiafrid
Agustina Dominguez_Instagram @agusdominguezst

Brands are: Ocultto , Quappe Shoes, Vintage Shop, Sitrus Eyewear, Lape, Bela Bsas, Zara.