Hyun Gi Park by Pinar Sener

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Pinar Sener. Model is Hyun Gi. Special thanks to agency of Hyun, Contra.

“I am an LA based photographer working in the creative space I built in the garage of my house. When Hyun and I were put in contact for this editorial, the vibe of the whole look evolved pretty easily as we were both aiming for the same result.” says Pinar Sener

Photography by Pinar Sener @pinarxsener
Model: Hyun Gi Park @park_hyun_gi
Special thanks to agency of Hyun, Contra @contraagency
Brands The suit is vintage
White shirt is by Laugh by Lafaille
Gold choker brandless Gold
earrings by Laura Lombardi and Forever 21