I Want to Fade Away

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. “It’s art editorial in “dreamy/deliric” convention about desires of beeing totally free and finding your “true-self”, about experiences on the border of life and death. For styling I just used foil and flowers.” says Xander Hirsh. Model is Ilias Sapountzakis. Xander Hirsh is 27 years old photographer based Wrocław, Poland.


He specializes in men’s art and fashion photography (publications all over the world in magazines like: Elegant Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine, Fashionably Male, Dreck Magazine, Rough Magazine among others). His style can be described in two words: nobly rawness. He loves to use natural light. His models are often kind of sad, thoughtful and reflexive. What inspires him the most is sex, human desires, pain, sadness, alienation, self-destruction and death.


Photography by Xander Hirsh / www.facebook.com/xanderhirsh / Instagram: @xander_hirsh

Model is Ilias Sapountzakis / Instagram: @oiseaublesse