6:19 is a tattoo studio in Ukraine. The founder, Ulyana Nesheva, set out to build a center for artists to gather and feel safe enough to express themselves. The artists are always coming together with ideas about tattoos and more. The most recent result from their collective efforts is called IMMORTAL, a perfume to remember.

When we close our eyes, we continue to smell and associate. Memories of people and moments remain unconsciously in our minds until a smell brings it all flooding back.

People pass on, and moments are fleeting. It’s the scent that immortalizes our memories and our loved ones.

There is a sense we possess since before we are born called olfaction. It follows us through life uncontrollably connecting memory to specific odors. If you want to keep a memory alive, all you have to do is breathe in.

The 6:19 Studio artists were entranced by this superpower that lay inside each and every one of us. They designed a scent that is to be worn like a second skin.

This fragrance opens with strong, spicy notes. The mystical note of amber enhances the animalistic note of oud. The leather is framed by notes of rose and jasmine.

6:19 is a tattoo studio with a mission to support local artists by offering a space for creativity and self-expression.  Currently, 7 tattoo artists are represented at the studio. Every artist is unique, their techniques ranging from minimalism, linework, and single-needle to micro realism and handpoke. 

Tattoo artists represented by 6:19 – 

Ulyana Nesheva

Karina Li 

Anna Zelenskaya

Kat Babai 

Vyacheslav Vverovskiy

Masha Erhart

Alyona Hamova

Ulyana Nesheva, the founder of 6:19, is a tattoo artist and a painter. Her artwork is presented in Kyiv, Berlin, Miami and can be found in private collections all over the world. Ulyana has collaborated with Onuka, Nadya Dorofeeva, Irena Karpa, Vladimir Dantes, Irina Gorova, and Svetlana Loboda. 

The studio believes that everyone has the freedom to perform and build their own lives. The Universe loves all, but we are the ones who are responsible for our own actions and what stories we share with the world. This is where the slogan of the 6:19 studio originated. YOU ARE YOURS.
6:19 Tattoo Studio space was designed by Balbek Bureau.