“It took me a while to figure out what works best for my voice and what sits well with my audience, but over the past year or two, I think I have finally figured that out” – In conversation with Ally Barron

Singer-songwriter Ally Barron rose to fame by posting covers of some of the most iconic songs from the last couple of years, such as DJ Snake’s and Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” and Calvin Harris’ and Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For“. Since then, Ally has moved forward with writing her own, very personal songs, about which she says that all of her songs are things she can’t really say to someone out loud. “I’d love to say these things, but I would just never have the courage to! My music lets me express everything I need to say into art, allowing me to talk to someone directly on each track,” says the young singer.

KALTBLUT caught up with Ally to discuss her songwriting process and how she connects to cover songs she hasn’t written herself.

KALTBLUT: Your music is very focused on your personal experiences. What made you want to make your music so personal and what kind of effect does putting your experiences on paper have for you?

Ally: The best way for me to cope and express myself through my personal experiences is by writing songs about it. It has always been comforting and rewarding for me to write about these experiences because it creates a community of people who can relate to you, which makes you not feel alone.

KALTBLUT: You posted a lot of covers during high school. What kinda covers were your favourite to cover and how do you connect to a song that wasn’t written by you?

Ally: I love covering pop songs, specifically ones that fit in my vocal range. In terms of connecting with the song, I like singing ones I can personally relate to, but try my best to connect it to personal situations if I can’t.

KALTBLUT: Can you walk me through the writing and production process of one of your songs? How do you know which “experiences” to pick for a song?

Ally: The experiences I choose to write about are typically the ones I’m going through at the moment. The process starts with an idea or story, which then leads to the beat being created around the vibe we want to go with. After the beat is started, we begin to write each part of the song, which usually doesn’t take long.

KALTBLUT: You’re exploring a wide variety of genres on your recent release. Can you tell me a little bit about that and which Genre is your favourite to Produce?

Ally: Recently I have been trying to experiment with different types of genres and vibes to see which fits my voice and my audience best. I have come to find that R&B is my favourite to sing, however, my audience gravitates more towards pop.

KALTBLUT: Do you think you’ve already found your Personal style?

Ally: Although I still like to play around with vibes and genres, I feel as if my general vibe has been established. It took me a while to figure out what works best for my voice and what sits well with my audience, but over the past year or two, I think I have finally figured that out.

KALTBLUT: How do you “test” new releases?
I have been trying to test my releases by picking different days of the week to release my singles on and producing different vibes.

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Cover photo courtesy of Ally Barron.

Johanna Urbancik is the host of the On The Ground podcast, in collaboration with KALTBLUT and Refuge Worldwide. Listen to the podcast here.