Inside by Emmanuel González

Emmanuel González is a photographer based in Madrid. With this work González tried to put together, on the one hand, the photographic image and on the other the image produced by reading the texts, thus we have a voice that accompanies the photographs, like that inner voice that accompanies us when we look inside. A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Rubén Martín.

“I am particularly interested in how lost we feel when we look within ourselves and find a lot of memories, beliefs, emotions, desires, fears, resistance, superficiality. This inner world is full of absences and presences, of images that come and go, commands about how we should see ourselves and be in front of the society. In short, it is as if the world we know outside emerges from the unknown world we inhabit within us.”

Photographer is Emmanuel González
Instagram: @emma_gonza_
Model is Rubén Martín
Instagram: @rubenmmartinn
Assistant is Caty Arnau
Instagram: @caty_arnau