Introducing Pinokio Gang

What happens when you fall asleep during a party? Introducing Pinokio Gang – A brand for young and adolescent boys, guys and dudes. Rascals, charming rogues, romantics and melancholics with a flair for sports. For the fetishists of thought and observation. For the passive and active fans of the male body and its details, the muscular shoulders, strong thighs, chest hair and everything that makes up manliness and constitutes its appeal. / @pinokiogang
Model is Radek at Pinokio Models @pinokiomodels
Photographer: Sebastian Mintus @sebastianmintus 

Pinokio is what combines these two together; Pinokio, whose image evolves, as everyone sees him differently, and this is the reason why every collection is capsulated and limited. Pinokio is only a pretext, an urge, a provocation.

All of this, all of the collection’s elements, and all of the collections, and most of all its owners as well are a Pinokio Gang. Individual, true, sincere, open guys, boys, men. What is important for them is here and now, becoming, being, one’s fulfilment in one’s unique way: with satisfaction, devotion, excitement. Because being a man often means thinking against the flow, out of the box, and all of the fun coming out of it.

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