Josef K. A collection by Tim Stolte

Photography by Thibault Ulbrich. Models are Bastian Fährmann, Julia Rothe signed at ICAN Model Management and Jule Schmidt signed at Bookers Hamburg. All fashion by  Tim Stolte. Josef K. is a lost individual struggling against an invisible power. Tim Stolte, a fashion design student from Hamburg dedicated a whole semester worth of research to Kafka’s thoughts and expressionistic lyricism. By setting high standards for his third semester collection, the 19-year-old expressed his attention and love for intricate details. The result is a striking analysis of one’s own identity in a society evolving at a faster pace day after day. The versatility of the jackets Tim created is a nod to the question of utility, which remains at the heart of his design research. Using different materials ranging from bleached denim to lacquer fabric, Tim created challenging unisex silhouettes that can stand the test of time. (Juliane Clüsener-Godt).


Photography by Thibault Ulbrich / / Instagram: @portaday

Assisted by Kristin Roloff / Instagram: @bonjourkiki

                    Hanna Lüthi / Instagram: @hannaluethi

Model is Bastian Fährmann / Instagram: @bastihan

Model is Julia Rothe signed at ICAN Model Management/ Instagram: @justthejulie

Model is Jule Schmidt signed at Bookers Hamburg / Instagram:

Make up by Ella Dürkop / / Instagram: @ellamaried_makeup

Styled by Juliane Clüsener-Godt / Instagram: @juliclusener

                Josephine Bartels / Instagram: @josephinebartels

                Fernando D.-Villanueva / Instagram: @fernando_donner

            all fashion by  Tim Stolte / Instagram: @timsto