Kolovrat Fall/Winter 2019-20 – NATURE IS MAGIC

#ModaLisboa – INSIGHT! Designer Lidija Kolovrat is THE QUEEN of the fashion fest in Portugal´s capital. Her view of modern fashion is everything I love! Lidija Kolovrat was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied cinema and fashion at the Design and Technology College in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1990 she moved to Portugal where she lives and works since then. PHOTOS: Ugo Camera. www.lidijakolovrat.com


Depth, pure energy, the formulation of existence without limits. Nature is an inspiration, a three-dimensional dialogue stripped of barriers and human conceptions that falls in everyday life as a refuge. It is from this narrative that Nature is Magic is born, Kolovrat’s manifesto to our condition as part of a movement that has the return to nature the only way.

The collection is governed by a deconstructive motto, starting with oversized silhouettes and three-piece suits, where each piece can live in various forms, bringing a new look on the concept of a classic. Checkered and camouflage patterns merge into pieces of wool and cotton with details cut and punched into the fabric. Blue, green, orange or grey rule the theme and fill a tailoring bet that doesn’t obey the rule.

Having freedom as the maxim, and nature as the key, Kolovrat started from the quasi-magical figure of forest components, particularly mushrooms, and used them as a symbol of universality and rapprochement between people. With Nature is Magic, the designer alternates between the figure of the real and the surreal, giving us the important thing: a safe place, with no stereotypes or classes, where the drawing fluidity drinks without pretensions.