Lisbon Fashion – ModaLisboa #N.50

Lisbon! Save the date! The aim is not to live forever. But create something that lasts forever. In 2018, MODALISBOA continues to live with the same ambition and purpose: to create forever. “Offering the conditions that invigorates the artistic creation of national fashion, discovering the artists that will be part of our cultural scene in the future, assuring the freedom that enables fashion to be unexpected, challenging, refreshing and unpredictable. This is how MODALISBOA N.50 is going to be, with the presentation of the fall | winter 2018/19 in Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, in the 9th, 10th and 11th of March.”

“After 25 years of existence, we reach edition number 50. An edition with a round number, of celebration, that intends to go beyond the simple accounting and historical event. N.50 is not about nostalgia, but about missing already the future. A future that no one knows but which all ambition – to be fast and quickly shareable.

Because to do fashion is no longer just producing fashion, it is about challenging concepts, reframing models, to break the rules and, sometimes deny and deny what lies behind. N.50 sums up the quintessence of MODALISBOA, summoning the renewal and the inspiration of those who believe talent is organic and spontaneous, and that an artist signature always reflects the group and the community where it comes from and very rarely only the one individual.”

MODALISBOA N.50 challenges us to look at the world in a different way and with a different rhythm, to recognize a new movement of tendencies, a different intensity of time, and even perhaps the end of creation seasons, as we know them.

Yet, to create forever one has to continue to want to create evermore.

CAMPAIGN: © ModaLisboa 2017 . Concept: Eduarda Abbondanza . Photo: Rui Palma . Models: Damara Inglês, João Pacola (Karacter), Lin Novak, Nice Moura . Make-up: Antónia Rosa assisted by Frederico Simões . Design: Thisislove Studio . Thanks: Startup Lisboa, CML, Corpo de Bombeiros Voluntários do Beato.


F/W 18/19

9.10.11 MARCH 18


Official launch of the collections of the Portuguese Designers.

A joint organization of the Lisbon City Council and the ModaLisboa Association.