Manly by Esteban Valencia

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Colombia. Photography by Esteban Valencia. Models are Carlos Diaz, Santiago Garcés and Miguel Velásquez. Styling and production by Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa. Makeup by Santiago Garcés.

Both men and women have feminine and masculine characteristics. Femininity, or femininity, is the set of values granted to women to a greater extent, precedent for their interests and behaviors.
Duality is part of our world, of the reality we perceive through the senses. Good and evil, light and dark, yes and no, cold and hot, soul and body, matter and energy …

The most beautiful thing about the manly man is something feminine; The most beautiful thing about the female woman is something masculine. 

*Susan Sontag

Models: Carlos Diaz From Iris model (agency) @carlos.diazl
Santiago Garcés @samgarcesr
Miguel Velásquez @miguejons
Photographer & digital retouching: Esteban Valencia @8fstudio @yeiron
Production: Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa @juanpablovelez29
Makeup: Santiago Garcés
Styling: Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa