Metaphoric Atmosphere

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Willy Villacorta. Styling by Emma Pedrell. Models are Nastya and Betty Schupp, signed at 5th models. Makeup by Juan Ureña. Hair style by Araceli Bargallo. Brands are Jnorig, Collusion, Lorenzo Martínez, Ash, Calvin Klein, Monki, Agustems, Arlet Kuns, Ragged Priest, Cos, Pablo Erroz.

Metaphoric Atmosphere is a fashion editorial that deals with a past era, old elements are trying to invade the atmosphere in a delicate way. Now, everything is come back: we rescue past times and play with lights that give way to an old dream. This editorial is about that: a subtle metaphore about real life. The search for reminiscences of the past mix with a modern style of our era.

Photography by Willy Villacorta / Instagram: @willyvillacorta
Styling by Emma Pedrell / Instagram: @epedrell
Assistant styling by Berta Ricard / Instagram: @kenopsia
Makeup by Juan Ureña / Instagram: @uurenha
Hair style by Araceli Bargallo / Instagram: @aracelibj.image
Model is Nastya signed at 5th models / Instagram: @nsolomina
Model is Betty Schupp signed at 5th models / Instagram: @bettyschupp