ModaLisboa Collective: Kolovrat S/S20

My favourite designer from Portugal Lidija Kolovrat unveiled her new S/S20 collection in Lisbon. “Our pieces are an act of self-empowerment and you will find a personal involvement with each piece of clothing created.” #Loveit.

In every bit of optimism there’s this ephemeral energy that draws us closer. The gap through which society lets itself breathe, believing that the future will be better. Today, the questions are on the table, and the answers cannot accept the rule or obey it. In the SS20, Kolovrat challenges us to think of actions, confronting the outcome of our existence in a collection that acts as a cry of interconnectedness. //

The elements of destruction are contrasted with the beauty of the construction process. Piece by piece, we are guided to the visual recycling that inspires it, transforming what we perceived as disposable into a manifest of hope for tomorrow. Paradoxes are constant in creativity: if on the one hand we are buried in literal and metaphorical pollution, we move toward its cleaner opposite, where energy fields and memories run simultaneously.

It is then in the hardness of the pattern that lies the innocence of color. Each coordinate flourishes in its own genderless existence. Dressed in loose, straight silhouettes, they coexist with draped coats and blazers, oversized T-shirts, and loose-fitting trench coats of lightweight fabric that remind us of an inner dialogue: can trash be beautiful? Is there a cure at the other side?

That is the question the SS20 collection wants to answer. How do we change, who do we follow, who do we trust? In the end, distortion has a creative opposite. And it is through him that Kolovrat shows us the future.

Lidija Kolovrat was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied cinema and fashion at the Design and Technology College in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1990 she moved to Portugal where she lives and works since then. Established in1990, Kolovrat offers a deconstructed new vision on men and women’s tailoring, while keeping the DNA and finishing of a traditional savoir-faire.

Kolovrat is placed in an old bakery‐flagship store, in the heart of Lisbon. The store and the atelier on the first floor have an unique and extravagant ambience, where you can have pieces made to measure and where the clientele needs are taken cared of very personally. The designer has a very individual approach towards fashion, and creates unique and surprising pieces that can be found by people who seek special items.