ModaLisboa Collective: Patrick de Pádua powered by Ambitious S/S20 – CALL ME

The young menswear designer Patrick de Pádua presented his most grown-up collection to date in Lisbon. Inspired by the fashion-consciousness of Club Kids culture, this collection explores the funniest side of 90s by playing with printed fabrics, patches and full prints. #Loveit – powered by Ambitious.

The collection is based on the classic color pallet of the brand – black and white – but also explores the vivacity of the 90s concept using yellow, green and chili pepper Bordeaux. The collection keeps its streetwear/sportswear identity and prioritizes comfort in diversified silhouettes from skinny to oversized. The diversity and daringness of each piece allow for multiple combinations of looks, by breaking down its classic essence and bringing to each look a personal attitude. 


Patrick de Pádua was born in 1988, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In 2000, he moved to Portugal, and graduated in Fashion Design from MODATEX, in Lisbon.

In March 2014, Patrick was one of the designers chosen by ModaLisboa – Lisbon Fashion Week to present his collection at Sangue Novo platform. After presenting his second collection at Sangue Novo, in March 2015, he was selected to participate at the FashionClash Festival (The Netherlands), where he won the Kaltblut Award. 


In March 2016, he is selected by the jury of Sangue Novo to integrate LAB platform. From October 2016, the young designer started to present his collections seasonally at ModaLisboa.