#MondayMood Sibéri – ‘La Copie’

French producer Sibéri releases the charming ‘La Copie’ taken from his third EP ‘Californi’, coming out on March 8th. Written during his time in Oakland’s Chinatown, ‘La Copie’ addresses the future possibility of making a copy of someone you’d like to keep by your side. A reflexion on travel, memories and ephemeral connexions, ‘Californi’ was written on the road in California with the concept of creating music in unusual places. Produced entirely with a German MFB Tanzbär drum machine and a French Arturia synthesizer, the three-tracked EP showcases Sibéri’s dystopian-pop and eerie ambience. ‘Californi’ will be showcased at the Luisa Catucci Gallery in Berlin as an installation using cassette tapes, a TV, elements of performance as well as TR (true reality) on March 8th.

Director Cédric Marcellin explains on the video, “The copy of the heart symbolised by Sibéri who takes pictures was inspired by the Amerindian tribes who are afraid that Western people will steal their soul while taking pictures of them. I used that to illustrate the copy of a masked character, the person he loves.”

Originally from France, Sibéri starts his music career in 2012 in Russia where he’s selected by the artist Paola Pivi to record his first songs at her studio in Rotterdam. In 2015, the young French producer is nominated at the Printemps de Bourges program for emerging artists in France, after which he officially settled in Berlin in 2016. Sibéri produces his EP to.gather, teaming up with Victor Tricard, Wayne Snow and an association helping young refugees to settle in Berlin. In the meanwhile, he collaborates with the director Cedric Marcellin for his first music video in Marseille and releases Pazapa (20k streams in Germany and France), a single and a video filmed at the emblematic Funkhaus, in Berlin.