My Name Is Sergio by Luis Ayora

Luis Ayora is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain. In his work, Ayora uses creative intuition, photographic error, and other techniques in order to generate the images that he wants so he can tell a story in a more transcendent way, running away from the classic conception of this genre.

Team Credits:
Photography and directed by Luis Ayora
Instagram: @iamluisayora
Model is Sergio Fernandez signed at Marlene Agency
Instagram: @sergi000000000
Stylist by Pedro Pérez
Instagram: @pe_perez
Filmed by Alejandro Flamarique
Edited by Daniel Prizz
Instagram: @danielprizz

Fashion Credits:

Brands are: Sandro Paris, vintage Prada, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Sergio K, Pierre
Cardin, Dr. Martens, Levis, Nike.