No Techno On a Dead Planet by STUDIO183

In collaboration with 4 emerging Berlin designers, STUDIO183 releases their newest collection ‘NO TECHNO ON A DEAD PLANET’. Three upcycling fashion brands and one shoe designer interpreted this theme with their own aesthetic twist utilizing dead stock and second hand materials; bringing them back to life in the form of this collaborative collection. Designers are Dan0m00n, Melisa Minca, Acceptance letter, Lala Quail, Ingrato. Photography by Natalia Gonzalez. The collection is available at STUDIO183 Store -Brunnenstrasse 183, 10119 Berlin!

The collection’s mission is to spread positive energy and STUDIO183’s message about portraying a different view on the fashion industry; one that sees fashion as a unique, diverse artform meant to be celebrated and consumed mindfully. In addition, 10% of all proceeds will go to Fridays For Future or another charity of your choice focusing on climate emergency. / @studio183_apparel

Photography by Natalia Gonzalez / / @nataia.g
Creative direction by STUDIO183 / / @studio183_berlin
Models : Maria Jose Robles / @majorobles_
Selma Radzivanovich Rodriguez @selmita__
Sofia Ghezzo Leal / / @sofiaghezzoleal
Leon Teke / @yvessaintleon
Larissa Matheus / @fox.and.lionheart
Makeup by Sofia Ghezzo Leal
Designers : Dan0m00n / @dan0m00n
Melisa Minca / / @melisaminca
Acceptance letter / @acceptance__letter_
Lala Quail / / @lala_quuu
Ingrato / /