PERLENSÄUE Fall/Winter 2017-18 feat. FUENF

Berlin Fashion Week! Jewelry brand PERLENSÄUE unveiled it´s new Fall/Winter 2017-18 accessoire collection during our KALTBLUT installation at Blogfarik. The new line is titled: Black/White and it is PERLENSÄUE´s most cohesive collection so far. The design duo teamed up with the Berlin based fashion brand FUENF for the installation. FUENF´s fashion is the perfect fit for PERLENSÄUE´s vision. FUENF is a young and dynamic Berlin-based brand, founded in 2016, that oscillates between streetstyle and nonchalant elegance, bringing digital culture and fashion together. The first collection by Fuenf explores fractals, natural forms, each part of which repeats the whole. Being essentially natural forms, fractals have nevertheless been mesmerising graphic designers and digital artists with their hypnotic shapes and perfect proportions. All photos by Sebastian Pollin. Special thanks to our partner ZALANDO for the shoes. Hair and make up by Kristin Røs.

All jewelry by PERLENSÄUE
All fashion by FUENF /
Shoes by Zalando
Hair and make up by Kristin Røs
All photos by Sebastian Pollin
Models are: @invalid_program_ , @aja.jane , @d3m0nstar , @leevke.sunday , @felixatzepeng , Oliver M signed to Jay Jay Models  , Priscilla Finkbeiner

Special thanks to Blogfabrik