PNPPL zine 06 – OUT NOW

PNPPL zine 06 features in total 14 artists/photographers from USA, France, Germany, Columbia, Spain, Argentina, Greece, Canada, Italy and New Zealand. On 150 pages the magazine features 12 unpublished photo editorials, artworks by Neil Gilks and an interview with Colin. J. Radcliffe.

PNPPL zine 06 focuses on excplicit works with a big splash of diversity. The zine is a limited edition of 200 copies, in A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches) on a heavy 130g paper. Available for 24 $ + shipping fee.

It’s worth a visit to Pineapple’s shop, because not only can you order the new magazine, but some of the photos from the magazine are also available for purchase. In keeping with Pineapple’s supportive stance, Pineapple will not be rewarded for the photos purchased, the photog- raphers will receive 100% of the money and will they take care of the postage.

Cover story by Enzo Tonati @je_sors_ce_soir_ Model: Alexandre @ jianshen__________ /
Choreographer: Alexandre Bibia @alexandrebibia
Simon @sim_g_face by Raphaél Pinheiro @boysinthemoonlight
Iggy @egorkolomiyets by Sebastian Perinotti @sebastienperi
Gabriele @gabriebredotou & Paolo @solozagara by Samuel Cimma @ samuel.cimma /
Stylist: Fabio Bigondi @slymepunch
Jewellery by: Pepa Flaca @pepa.flaca
Rob Tennent @rob.tennent /
anonymous models -Colin J. Radcliffe @colinmemaybe /
David Besan @davidbesan by David Mesa @leadventure__ /
Photo assistant: Juan Esteban @blondhumanalt
Special thanks: Clara Gómez @ claragomezhe
Nil @nil.roma600 by Armando Terrero @armandoterrero & Lázaro Scabbia @scabbiaferro /
Makeup & hair stylist: Francis Molina @fran- ciskmolina Filmmaker: Jorge Silva @anotter_studio Stylist: Carolina Lafuente @kaobbastylist Location: My Fucking Studio @myfuckings- Thanks: Revelab Studio @revelabstudio Isidro de Quesada @ isidrodequesada
Video link for the story by Armando Terrero & Lázaro Scabbia with Nil:
James @deafjams by Josh Paul Thomas @josh_paul_thomas
Spyros @spyrosgoudelis by Joey Leo @_joeyleo_ / Fashion Cult Models @fashioncult_models

Colten @bobby.hill.tx & Henry @hot___rat by Christopher Sherman @ photochristophersherman
Ozan @ozntrkylmz & anonymous models by Florian Tenk @floriantenk
Aaron @accidentallyaaron, Cody @silver.cody, Justin, Hans by Aaron J. Hooper @accidentallyaaron
Back cover & artworks by Neil Gilks @neilsecluded