Pomiędzy / Between by Mateusz Jagodziński

Introducing fashion designer Mateusz Jagodziński. Photography by Weronika Szustak. Models are Iza Michalska signed at Uncover Models and Paweł Smykiewicz signed at Specto Models. Make-up by Joanna Huczko. Mateusz Jagodziński is a fashion design student from Poland. His works are focused 
on the human’s body and relations between covering and showing, between sensuality 
and perversion. The main feature of his projects are architectural, simple constructions 
with geometrical lines which emphasize the figure in a nonliteral way.

The “Between” collection is the result of the analysis of changes in understanding sensuality, which took place in the twentieth century and the answer to the need to define 
the contemporary aesthetic tendency. According to the theory of transgression, which guided the creation of the collection, to develop, one must go beyond the comfort zone. In this case, the comfort associated with getting used to specific aesthetic canons.

The color chart for the collection is the selected range of pink and black. Over the years pink attributed to girls contrasted with black becomes more sublime. The selection of materials, such as velvet or fabrics with a satin weave, transforms the infantile nature of pink 
into elegance that favors both women’s and men’s. Denim in a non-standard color, by using it to sew corsets and giving it a structure in the form of pleats, has gained a refined character.

The metal fittings used refer to the corset with which women fought, but nowadays deprived of the signs of enslavement, the corset can be a conscious way of emphasizing 
the silhouette. Silver circles, apart from the practical function, play an ornamental role, a kind of jewelry. The same principle applies to metal zippers that allow to modify the outfit giving an opportunity to decide on the degree of exposing the body.

Clothes designed by Mateusz Jagodziński / Instagram: @mati.jago
Photography by Weronika Szustak / Instagram: @weronikaszustak
Make-up by Joanna Huczko / Instagram: @yoannabellee
Models are Iza Michalska signed at Uncover Models / Instagram: @izabele_marie @uncovermodelswarsaw
Paweł Smykiewicz signed at Specto Models / Instagram: @pawe_smyk @spectomodels

All clothes are designed by Mateusz Jagodziński. Shoes are from Zara