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PUNCH PUNCH by Ekaterina Frolova

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Ekaterina Frolova captured Varya @ Guilty Models and Nikita @ Number Management for us. Styled by Alexandra Osina. makeup and hair done by Ekaterina Bodrova. Fashion by Markovich, Falke, adidas, Alina Gritsaeva, Vans, Atelier Odor, Red September, RAKSHAMASHA by Marria Roslova, Liza Kostyukova, Roma Uvarov, Calvin Klein, Bikkembergs, Sister Paul & Joe, Yulia Makogon, DVA MYACHA, Clergerie, Markovich, What About Us, Calzedonia, Converse, Chipoodl, Volchok, Both, Ice Play, Into Into, One-Two.

Photo: Ekaterina Frolova / Instagram:
Style: Alexandra Osina / Instagram:
Muah: Ekaterina Bodrova / Instagram:
Stylist Assistant: Kseniya Kuznetsova / Instagram:
Models: Varya @ Guilty Models / Instagram:
Nikita @ Number Management / Instagram: