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Restrained by Chaos: A season-less story from BY DEATH

Raging havoc and disorder on the season-less collections, where the story will grasp into the dark places of one’s soul, to combine black sinister thoughts and unholy yearning to a heavy cloak of armor, which will destine one away from the established world of light.

From top to bottom: BY DEATH

Combining essential core pieces of your wardrobe with inspiration from heavy metal, low-culture, anti-establishment and a green cause. With an obligation to minimize the waste issue which is a concerning part of our society by re-inventing vintage.

Previously worn vintage t-shirts in limited and small printed batches containing the nerve of vintage wear and giving each product its own distinct look, yet understanding the beauty of each garment showing its past life.

With a preconceived notion that one fit is destined to fit all who follows the mantra of ‘Made for Mayhem’ as 12oz denim is made in a small assortment, perceptive to the essence understanding all must go before new can be created.

Specializing in customization of goods through chainstitch embroidery, where each product is a piece of its own. Keeping production European bound and in small batches as a way to follow the cause of sustainable thinking – instead of big scale all-must-go-sale mentality.

Perceiving our new world mental state, where products are made by heart and with each individual in mind.

Symbolizing a state of great confusion, disorder and destruction. Showing the non-believers that ‘BY DEATH’ is

Made for Mayhem


Photography and video by Jannik Børlum / / Instagram: @jannickboerlum
Audio Engineer for Video: Pentti Lindén 
Model is Kris Hjorth
MUA: We’re not into makeup