Romeo & Julieta

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Joaquin Burgueño. Styled by Jou Martan. Makeup by Caro Band. Models are Alison Lozano and Joel Sanchez. Flower art by El Arriate. Brands are Oscar Prim, Cubero Quesada, Chloé, Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Mathilda Perkins, Topeka Headwear,  Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, Nike, Bow Tie, Suit Supply, Noak and Mirto.

“We live in the 21st century and we continue to feel judgement to other people for wearing what they feel like. Something naturally implanted in our society, skirts are for girls and suits are for business men, It’s unbelievable how we are still trying to fit in some invented pattern.

For this photo shoot we had the chance to work with amazing designers / Cubero Quesada – A High Couture unisex brand from Spain and Oscar Prim, A vegan pret-a-porter Brand created in Spain which challenges the world, El Arriate is a small flowershop full of art, the owners created the flower hat which made us fall in love. You can also find brands as Alexander Wang, Burberry, Kenzo. This work was shot with two analogue cameras a Mamiya RB67 (120mm) and a Olympus Miju II (35mm).”*Joaquin Burgueño 

Photography by Joaquin Burgueño / / Instagram: @joaquinburtor
Stylism by Jou Martan / Instagram: @imjoumartan
Makeup by Caro Band / / Instagram: @caroband_hair_makeup
Female Model : Alison Lozano ( POP HOUSE ) / Instagram: @aliiiiiiiiiii
Male Model : Joel Sanchez ( Pop House ) / Instagram: @sanchezzjoel
First Assistant : Almudena Palma López / Instagram: @palmalopezalma
Flower Artist : El Arriate / Instagram : @el_arriate_flores_y_mas_flores
Fashion Showroom : Showroom Trastornados / Instagram: @trastornados