Say you, Say me

A KALTBLUT exclusive shot in Berlin in by photographer Cornelia Thonhauser in collaboration with Stylist Suhadi Budiman. Make-up and Hair by La Vern Marquez. Brands are Clavin Klein, Don Aretino, Kinloch Anderson, Lil’Lapel, Sadak, Vintage Reclaimed, William Fan.

“Say you say me’ carries the subtext of gender, love and diversity and relates to prevalent tendencies of homophobia, discrimination and xenophobia. This editorial proclaims a pluralistic vision, a quintupled love affair, open ended, circulating around freedom of expression and love. “

Photography by Cornelia Thonhauser / / Instagram:
Styling by Suhadi Budiman / / Instagram:
Make-up and Hair by La Vern Marquez / / Instagram:
Photo Assistant: Jesse Siminski

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