Shaping our futures

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Serena Salvadori Aka Captain John. Model is Bela Belissima. Fashion by FadeOut Label.

A meeting point between different crossroads.
Transgressing normative conceptions of gender identity and expression.
Serena & Captain John, Bela & Belissima.
Interacting, exchanging, growing, sharing, and flourishing, together.
Aligned in a journey with an unknown end while digitally capturing genderfluidity behind and in front of the camera.

Captain John’s Studio | Captain John is a photographer that bounces between various identities using his/her/their  camera lens to depict the power and beauty of transgressing gender norms and heteronormativity.

Model | Béla Belissima (they/them) is a genderqueer interdisciplinary artist & activist who is passionate about destabilizing social hierarchies along binary power dynamics.

Through their writing, personal embodiment, and podcast “Queering the Perspective” they aim to transform our collective consciousness through messages of empowerment and resistance.

Label | This project is in collaboration with the FadeOut Label, a unisex clothing line which creates fashion for our non-binary future using upcycling and a unique perspective.

A perfect match for this project.

Photography by Serena Salvadori Aka Captain John / / Instagram: @serenaslv
Model is Bela Belissima / / Instagram: @bela.belissima_
FadeOut Label / / Instagram: @fadeoutlabel
Location: Captain John’s Studio / Neukölln / Instagram: @serenaslv

Fashion |
Kimono made of upcycled demin + alcantara by @fadeoutlabel in collaboration with @paola_kubes / Long Jacket made of upcycled demin + vintage parachutes by @fadeoutlabel / Tights hand screen printed @77denari in collaboration with @fadeoutlabel