A KALTBLUT exclusive. Spanish based designer Iago Otero teams up with photographer Adrián Cuerdo to create a character who crave love, a character tormented by the fear of being eclipsed, overwhelmed and overshadowed by his emotions. A fashion story that brings together archetypes, myths and imagery, both celebrating and questioning the sad but comforting beauty of gay iconography.

Styling by Iago Otero / Instagram: @iagootero_
Photography by Adrián Cuerdo / Instagram: @adri.cuerdo
Model is Gonzalo Ortuño / Instagram: @gonzalo_ortuno
Makeup and Hair by Sergio Jiménez / Instagram: @serpiente.muah
Stylist assistant is Xoel Álvarez / Instagram: @xoel.alvarez
Photography assistant is Lucía Lomas / Instagram: @luci_______

All clothes are by Iago Otero